About Us

Building container was founded by James Green to introduce a novel approach to sustainable housing.

The house design has been influenced based on experience gained from 31 years working in the engineering industry of which 23 have been performing aircraft structural analysis in the UK, Canada, Italy and the USA. Aircraft design is governed by strict design guidelines and quality control procedures, structures are optimized for the loading with weight being critical, to support this the latest technology and new manufacturing methods are always being explored to create lightweight, safe, efficient structures.

The aircraft industry along with many others has been moving toward modular construction due to Globalization, where components are shipped from subcontractors/partners in location all over the globe to be assembled at on central location. With transportation cost and packaging cost being minimized with the use of a shipping container for the building transportation, the next step seemed logical to incorporate the shipping container into the building.

Initially starting of as a one-off building project, the idea has been patented and developed for production.