More About Us

More About Us

We believe in building sustainable building structures that are designed for ease of transportation and assembly, at a cost effective price. This is achieved by incorporating the latest manufacturing technology, analysis methods and materials.

Today’s construction industry is facing unprecedented and growing pressures, originating from the lack of available resources, climate change, rising material costs and increasing instances of natural disasters. These trends have helped trigger widespread adoption of sustainable design and construction methods. Green building offers the opportunity to conserve energy and water, improve building operations and enhance the health and well-being of the global population.

The company will support this by offering a range of well designed, innovative, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, Eco-Modular TM homes with provision for optional equipment to harvest energy from natural resources, at a price to allow as many people as possible to afford them.

The Eco friendly residential houses are designed around an ISO Standard shipping container, which provides a means of weatherproof storage, transportation and forms a ‘square’ structurally sound foundation and building block.

The terminology ‘think outside the box’ has been in encompassed in the modular building designs, where the container is used as a foundation to support a steel framework extending the living area ‘outside the box’, to the sides and above the container. Care has been taken to design Modular homes which are both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing where the container and extended framework is covered with panels or cladding. With the incorporation of the latest building building materials and techniques the Eco-Modular TM homes are easily and quickly assembled.

Size matters; effective utilization of space is a top priority due to limitations of the volume inside the shipping container, as opposed to making more space the concept is to make more efficient use of space to meet a particular requirement.

The ultimate goal is to make the modular building self sufficient taking advantage to current technology and incorporating provision where the means of power will be generated from natural resources ‘solar’ and ‘wind’ with a means to collect available water sources.